A letter to the Pressman Toy Corporation

This is the letter I wrote to the Pressman Toy Corporation, 3701 W. Plano Pkwy STE 100, Plano, TX 75075.

To whom ever is in charge of overseeing quality control,

My child received the “Pop N Hop” board game as a Christmas gift and I was very disappointed that the “Game Rules” referred  to players, playing the game, using masculine pronouns. For example, “The first player to get all his playing pieces “HOME” is the winner.”  I went to your company’s website and typed “rules” into the search engine to see how the language used in your other games compared, the search yielded 346 results.  I skimmed the rules of the first 20 results in the search and all but 3 of the “rules of the game” results used gender neutral language to describe game play.  The  “Green Lantern Who’s Who” game used only masculine pronouns when describing game players, as did the “Disney Mastermind Towers” game. The third was the “Disney Fairies” game, which used only feminine pronouns in the rules.  I did not read the rest of the 326 results, but it is my hope that someone at your company will. I see no reason for these games not to use gender neutral and/or inclusive language, since if you refer to only one gender playing a game you exclude part of your customer base. Also there are many organizations that will help to bring good or bad publicity to a company based on how they handle concerns, their customers have, about gender representation. It is my hope that receiving this letter will put this issue on your radar and that your company will take steps to ensure that the person, who is writing the “Game Rules”, will use language that is inclusive to whomever may end up playing the game.

Thank you for your time and consideration,



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