NEWS FLASH: Feminist Feels Torn!


This viral video, put out by FCKH8, has left me feeling torn (I know, it’s a pretty natural state for most of us). Many advocates of women’s rights have spoken out very harshly against the ad. Personally I found the ad cheesy and forced. The video relied  heavily on it being shocking to hear little girls swearing. I didn’t find anything about the ad shocking, but it didn’t say anything I haven’t heard many times before. So, for me, the conundrum this ad leaves me pondering is; Where is the line. I don’t think this ad crosses it, but somewhere there is a line between successfully promoting your cause and losing sight of it. It’s sad that so much of the media, that has catapulted women’s issues into the forefront of public consciousness, dances so close to this line. Reel Girl Says in her blog post about the video “ order for the world to change, people other than me have to ‘get it.’ If it’s just me with my ‘original’ idea that I’m going for, all I have is my ego, and that is a lonely, static, boring place to be plus nothing much changes at all.” There are so many wonderful and empowering pieces out there, but if they aren’t seen they can’t serve their cause. The only thing I can say, with a fair amount of certainty, is if the goal was to get people talking about it then mission accomplished.  


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