“Your daughter is so pretty, it’s good thing she’s got 2 big brothers to look after her.” Not only has this has been said to me many times, but it has also been said to my children. Let’s really think about this for a minute; In our culture, it is considered normal and socially acceptable to tell 3 & 6 year-old boys that they will have to use violence to defend their baby sister because her looks are going to make her desirable. The fact that people who have just met them feel comfortable sending them the message, that their baby sister is a coveted object that they must defend from those lusting after her, concerns me. After a quick glance at everyone surrounding us, laughing and agreeing with the statement, I’m also concerned that I seem to be the only one concerned.

ImageI am extremely lucky to have been blessed with 3 beautiful children, with just one look anyone can see that, and is quick to tell me so.  The same people who tell my daughter “You’re lucky to have 2 big brothers to protect you” see my boys and remark: “Fathers, lock up your daughters.”  At the very least, these people are suggesting that because my boys are good-looking, they are a threat to any girl unfortunate enough to come across them. Again, as I look around the room every one is nodding in agreement. Once again, no one looks concerned.


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