carols boys

 I often write about  the many, terribly gendered, messages parents are constantly imposing on their children. I’d like to take a break from that (for now) and instead shine some light on some powerful messages, that can be taught, from a simple T-shirt. These boys are wearing T-shirts, to show support for their friend and her battle through childhood cancer. The front of the shirts read “MadiStrong”, the message on the back is “Fight like a girl”. Seeing these boys proudly displaying these messages brings a smile to my face. With a simple shirt, these parents are sending their sons some splendid and positive messages:

1. It is important to help others and show support for your friends when they need it.

2. The word “fight” does not always mean violence, and fighting for a cause is more important than other fights.

3.The term “like a girl” is not an insult.

4. That these boys should admire Madi’s strength.

As parents these lessons are always surrounding  us, we just need to recognize when the opportunity to teach them presents it’s self.

If you would like to join these boys and their parents in supporting Madi please visit:  


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