Did You Know, Women’s History Month Is Coming Up?

It is my mission to make the first week of March “Women’s Empowerment Week”.  Although I am optimistic this is going to happen, I don’t think it will happen this year. As I write this post, there are less than 2 weeks untill the beginning of March. Since there is not going to be an “official” Women’s Empowerment Week this year, does it mean we all should just sit on our hands, and wait until next year? No, there is so much groundwork that needs to be laid, and I need your help! A key component of this campaign is, Women’s History Month. Did you know know that March is WHM? If you did, then pat yourself on the back, if you didn’t, then you’re not alone. Many people were, (and still are) not taught about WHM in school. I know I have seen “Disney celebrates Black History Month” come up in a PSA, but not “Disney celebrates Women’s History Month” (Please let me know if you have ever seen a PSA by any station celebrating WHM.).

So what can we do about it?  You can write different media outlets asking them to contour their content to include WHM. One of the simplest and very effective things you can do is start locally, by asking your community’s schools if WHM is included in their curriculum. If it is not, you can suggest ways for them to include it. If we establish a strong WHM, our children will benefit from learning their history now, and when we  integrate Women’s Empowerment Week later, it will have a more powerful reach.

whm school2 Thank you, together we can make a difference.


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