A Vision of Women’s Empowerment Week


March is Women’s History Month and to kick it off I propose that we make the first full week Women’s Empowerment Week. This will be a week focused on the struggles that women still face. It will be a time of looking to the future with emphasis on ways to better the situation. Having a week of discussion, action and learning can be a powerful tool, used to bring women’s struggles to light in mainstream culture.
Here is my vision, of what Women’s Empowerment Week could be.
First, we can work it into the curriculum at every grade level of our schools. This can include reading stories with strong female leads at the kindergarten level up to complex projects, presentations and discussions in the upper grades. Changing the messages that our children receive about gender roles, is our strongest weapon in the fight for equality.
Second, we should encourage women to set an example of empowerment, by not wearing makeup for the week. In our society women’s appearances are valued above any other quality they possess. By not wearing makeup women can make the statement “We are more than our appearance!”

Show your support for Women's Empowerment week!

The third action that needs to be taken is media coverage. Hopefully if Women’s Empowerment week becomes a reality then mainstream media would tailor their content to reflect it. The obstacle is, in order to make it a reality, main stream media is needed to reach the masses. This is where you can help, by sharing and discussing. Share this idea! Share through blogs you write, post it to social media and then discuss, with anyone who will listen. Discuss how a lack of empowering messages to women is affecting you and society as a whole. Discuss ideas about how to make a better atmosphere, in which our sons and daughters can be seen as equals. Then share the ideas that come from those discussions. If enough people are talking about Women’s Empowerment Week then mainstream media will take notice.
This is my vision of Women’s Empowerment Week, what’s yours?

Let me know and checkout more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Are-More/662075010504802

Update: This vision is not set in stone. I see it more as clay, It can be shaped how ever it best fits with the needs of our society. I have run into a few people, who support the goals of Women’s Empowerment Week, but don’t like the idea of asking people (mostly women) to forgo makeup. This has caused me to spend a lot of time contemplating the objective behind the concept, and ponder other ways to achieve it. The true aspiration behind this aspect of WEW is to have people visually make a statement: “I am more than my appearance”. By visually making this statement we create awareness and start conversations.                                                                                                                                                                        I still maintain that not wearing makeup is a great way to make this statement, but these discussions have caused me to think deeper on this topic. Many paths can lead to the same destination, so what could be some other ways to show support for WEW? Let’s brainstorm, you could: Change your profile picture to reflect something other than your appearance, wear something (t-shirt, button, sticker) reflecting this message, you could write WEW with lipstick across your forehead! Anything someone does, as long as they are not hurting anyone, to help raise awareness, show support and start conversations is what it’s all about.


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